QALEN is the Quality Assurance in Language Education Network. It was formed as a result of meetings and consultations held between Quality Assurance and Accreditation agencies of the English and Other Languages Teaching Sector formally in London in 2011 and in Sydney in 2014.


The objective of QALEN is to provide opportunities for quality assurance and accreditation bodies in the English language education sector to communicate and collaborate within a safe, supportive environment. In this way, we may develop, explore, and share global perspectives on quality assurance in English language education, and better understand and address common challenges and emerging trends. Working together, we seek to develop and document best practices and promote global awareness in quality assurance, while at the same time respecting and acknowledging our individual characteristics and contexts.


signatories are representative of their sovereign jurisdiction in the promulgation of quality assurance and accreditation for the English Language Teaching sector


constitutes a recognised forum for collaboration, information sharing and best practice in the accreditation and quality assurance of English language teaching institutions


signatories agree to support each other and the QALEN concept in their discussions with all stakeholders including governments, schools and students